Thursday, 26 November 2009

Artist inspiration, Fran Crowe

This is one of my favourite Artists of all time, mainly because I gain so much inspiration from her work. Her art studio seems to be the beach, here she collects rubbish, then recycles it by rearranging it to make works of art. LOVE IT! I am using this artist at the moment to get ideas for alternative art and design. Perfect excuse to go to the seaside, without thinking I should be doing work.

These specific photo's are ones that were taken at her exhibition at Languard Fort, Felixstowe.

Grey Ladies with attitude

Whilst completing the list work I was looking in various magazines to seek inspiration. I came across this photograph which I really like. So I though I would share on my ever growing blog.

List, list, list, list, list

After considering lists, our group come to several conclusions. I decided to focus on lists of colours. I have created a collage type page, not forgetting that I had to include my favourite subject, flowers. Each colour was chosen by a different classmate.

Flower Dress Lady

During my time in the painting workshop I became interested in pattern. I was inspired by the image on the left which I found in a magazine. Initially I was attracted to the models curving body which produces shape. However I thought it would also be appealing to form the dress into pattern as well. This provoked me into the idea of patterning everyday objects. I created this piece on hard white board, using acrylic paints. It was quite difficult to find a fine brush which was petite enough to form the swirling patterns.